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The Sunlight Reflects Coating Glass
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Low Emissivity Csated Glass

This glass is produced by coats a piece of membrane on the surface of flost glass with metals such as pure argebtine or other metals to reduce the radiance from 0.84to 0.04~0.12 and the product possesses the higher transmission rate for the visible light, while it possesses a high reflectance for the infrared ray,.It does not only keeps brightness inside, but also reduce the heat burthen inside befittingly, so it can reduce the heat radiation passage amount and prevents the superfluous ultraviolet ray radiation, and has the preponderance that the other save energy glass is not possess.
The temperature is higher indoor than outdoor in winter, Low-E Glass will prevent the heat spread to outdoor, he temperature is higher outdoor than indoor in summer, Low-E Glass will prevent the heat spread to indoor. So Low-E Glass can save energy whenever in summer or winter. Buildings with Low-E glass need less air condition and cost on air condition, it’s worth select.
Envirommental protection
Buildings with Low-E glass will let less greenhouse gas, which is holpful to case urban hcat island cffct. So Low-E glass is a perfeet environmentally friendly products.
If use single ordinary glass, the air condition cant avoid the heat radiation make you feel bad in summer , the heating cant aviod you will feel cold near window and it is hard to watch outdoor because of the fog on the windows in winter. But if you use Low-E insulating glass, the scenes above will not apper again.

Summer:Blocks the transmission of most solar heat radiation;keeps room pleasantly cool by allowing only a small amount of heat in(Low-E coating on second surface).   Winter:Low-E insulating glass keeps interior warm by blocking outward radiatiion of heat.
Produce Application
高层建筑的幕墙、建筑物的门窗、中空或Laminated Glass的复合产品等。
Produce Standard
颜色系列— 银灰色、金色、高透明等

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