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The Sunlight Reflects Coating Glass
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Tempered glass
The toughened glass is to heat the ordinary glass up to the softening point, then cool them by uniform cooling speedily, and cause the face take shape uniform pressure stress, but takes shape the tensile stress interiorly ,snd increase the glass resisted flex and the impact resistance capacity effectively, 4-fold than ordinary glass, having good stability and resisted wind pressure capacity.
Performance Specialty
Security: it merely be able to come into being the little grain when once being subjected unforeseen super powerful outside force, and decrease the hidden danger for person and wealth greatly.
Capacity: the impact resistance capacity effectively is 4-5times than ordinary glass.
Flexibility:3-4 times better than common glass.
Heat endurance: its temperature endurance is treble of ordinary glass, and it will work while the temperature changes in 300.
Produce Application
High mechanical intensity and safety place, such as the glass door ,stucture veil wall and setting up window ,escalator ,furniture.
Produce Standard
Max dimensions:24404200mm
min dimensions: 100250mm
Glass thickness:3~19mm
Produce Criterion:GB/15763.2-2005

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