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The Sunlight Reflects Coating Glass
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Insulating Glass
Insulating glass is made of two or multichip glass partitioned by alumninium frame that full of desicant, agglutinated by butyl between glass and frame ,Then airproofed by gather sulfur gum or silicone sealant gum on the jointed place .It is provided with the service capacitys such as good sound insulation, heat insulation ,worm preservation, against dew and cut down sunlight radiation .The middle air glass is made to composite produce with coating glass, toughened glass, sandwich glass and so on usually ,and nay obtain much kinds of optimum effect .Industry and civil buildings ,The area that possess constant temperature required such as the airport lounge ang cold tank.
Reduce the cot of air condition
Make a comfortable environment
Prevent dew
Reduce noise
If it was filled with inert gases ,the performance of heat insulation sound and insulation will upgrade.
Produce Application
Office building\hotel\hospital and library.
Main equipments place\ broadcast room\ record room\ PC room\ car train windows and aiport console tower Industry and civil buildingd ,the area that possess constant temperature required such as the airport lounge and cold tank.
Produce Standard:
Max dimensions:25003000mm
min dimensions: 180320mm
Total Glass thickness:12~50mm
Single Glass thickness:3~12mm
Thickness of aluminium frame:6mm\9mm\12mm\16mm
Produce Criterion:GB/T11944-2002

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